About us

What Is Montego Bay Swingers?
Montego Bay swingers is an elite erotic social club where, sensuality and freedom come together. Imagine an atmosphere where you can meet other open-minded, like-minded adults. Imagine a venue where friends meet to create a safe, no pressure setting for exploring sexual fantasies. Dream of a place where open, honest, healthy relationships are promoted. Montego Bay Swingers created such a place. Located in Montego Bay, St James. MBS creates, organizes and promotes lifestyle events and vacations like no other. Our club, events and vacations are not for everyone, although everyone 21 and over is welcome to attend.

The events we host includes lifestyle theme parties at our own Club 69 location, cruises around the island or week long getaways at private luxury villas.

We believe that each couple should decide what is best for their relationship, and we provide an atmosphere of mutual respect, in which everyone should receive enjoyment and satisfaction from the activities in which they choose to participate.  Honest, open discussion between partners can make the lifestyle more than just exciting and pleasurable, it helps strengthen a couple's bond and brings them closer together.  This is one of the reasons that lifestyle couples have a much lower divorce rate than the general public.

Single Men and Women:  We also encourage single men and women to attend and feel comfortable, understand that couple-centric means conversing with and respecting all members in a relationship.  At any given event you may find locals and tourist alike engaged in stimulating conversation, slow sensual dances, hot passionate kisses, elaborate costumes or wild orgies.  If you want to meet and develop friendships with people in the lifestyle, then we invite you to visit our "Membership" to Register page and join us