Etiquette is Important at Montego Bay Swingers 

           *Please review all the rules before completing the membership process.*
Good Manners are essential!!!
Lifestyle ("Swinger") parties require polite manners, just like every other cocktail party you've attended.
Manners in social areas are just like other parties, but additional manners are required in the play areas.NO cameras, Cell phones or recording devices of any kind will be  allowed into the venue, without prior consent. If you are found using any type of recording device for sound or visual images the hosts have the right to destroy the recordings and/or film and you will be asked to leave the premises.
"No Drugs or weapons of any kind will be tolerated."Before & During Play:

  1. Only those over 21 admitted.
  2. New members should complete a membership form given at reception (or download online). You must provide a form of photo identification. (Passport, Drivers Lic, National ID)
  3. You must be a member and show your membership card & ID when admitted. Membership cards are not transferable.
  4. Dress code is "classy casual", NO scruffy/work clothing, trainers, or sportswear. You will be refused admittance if dress code is not adhered to. (ladies less is more).
  5. Ask (verbally) before joining someone on a bed or joining people in a semi-private bedroom.
  6. Ask (verbally) before touching others, "Is it OK if I touch?"  Getting a clear yes from BOTH partners in a couple means OK.  Getting yes from only one partner in a couple means you don't yet know.
  7. "NO means NO" You will be BANNED for inappropriate touching.
    Be warned that 'No thanks' means 'No thanks'.
    Please do not touch other people or join in without prior permission
    "Maybe Later" might mean maybe later, or it might mean "No thank you."  The only way to find out is ask further questions, such as "Should I ask you again, later tonight?"
  8. If someone is nice to you, don't assume that person is interested in playing with you.  Just like every other cocktail party you've ever attended, someone else's polite manners or even flirting may be just polite manners or flirting.  See Rule 9 below.
  9. Not sure about the message you are receiving? Go to rule number five -- ASK (verbally) before touching.
  10. COUPLES: Playing together -- just the two of you -- is an exciting and stress-relieving way to start play, especially when you're new to the lifestyle.  It's also a great way to connect with each other, even if you're hoping to play with others later.
  11. WOMEN: Let men know what you want and don’t want. They can't read your mind. You (usually) don’t have to be rude, but sometimes they do forget to ask and need to reminded. Remember that each man has two heads, and the one on his shoulders might not be the one doing the thinking just then...
  12. MEN: If you forgot to ask before touching her and she didn't move your hand or say “No” in one way or another, it doesn’t mean it's OK to keep going.  She might not be sure how to say no, especially if she's new.  Be a classy guy  and ask her and her partner verbally:  "Do you mind if I touch?"  "Would it be OK if my wife and I joined you?" "Could I join in?"  etc.
    Even if you get a "no" or "not now," you'll have made points for being a good guy, and the next time you meet, you're more likely to get a "yes."
  13. Watching is OK, but choose a group play area,  and find a place to stand, sit or lie where you'll not be intrusive.   (You're also more likely to be invited to join in!)
  14. Remember, this is a consensual adult party. Don't assume that everyone attending the party is there to play, or is playing any particular night, or wants to play with you that night.  The lifestyle is diverse, including couples and singles who just like the open atmosphere, to couples who only soft swap, to women or men who prefer to watch their partner play rather than participate directly, to women who only want girl-girl play, to people who participate in full swap.  Our parties have a mix of all these preferences.
    Also, a "yes" at one party may be a "no" at another party for a wide variety of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with you!
  15. NO smoking, food or drinks in play areas.
  16. All large bags must be locked in lockers in the changing area.
  17. You must be totally nude in the play areas, even if just watching.
  18. Sexual acts are permitted in lounge areas, however you cannot be nude.
  19. Do not disturb the erotic atmosphere of the playrooms with loud or prolonged talk. Loud and prolonged orgasms are always encouraged.
  20. Members should treat each other as well as the venue with respect. Any damage caused whether accidentally or otherwise to any property whilst visiting the club, will be paid for in full by the person(s) involved.
  21. We will not be held responsible for any loss or injuries caused by yourself or others, whether it is an accident or forced upon yourself whilst on the club premises.
  22. The management reserve the right to refuse entry at all times.
  23. You agree to follow any amended rules or additional rules that may be in force during special events.
  24. Single Gents must not arrive at a Couples & Ladies only party without a partner, and couples must arrive and leave together.
  25. Inform the hosts and club if someone causes a problem, can't take NO for an answer, or is objectionable in any way. Anti-social or inconsiderate behavior is not tolerated in the scene.
  26. Practice safe sex and use condoms if you swap partners.

After Play:

  1. After you've played, don't forget to say "Thank You" before excusing yourself.  Honest compliments quiet conversation are also always nice, but be considerate of others in the room who may still be playing.
  2. DON'T BE A CONDOM CREEP!  Please pick up your used condoms and wrappers, and put them in a waste basket.
  3. WASH UP OR SHOWER after a round of play.  It will make you smell and taste better to others, and it gives you a chance to smile and relax. We provide bath towels, shampoo, body wash, hair ties, feminine hygiene products, and lots more for your comfort in all of our bathrooms.

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